Avanta & Co provide full legal services for both international and domestic clients. We can provide our services in 3 languages, including Thai, English and Chinese. Our team of lawyers have experiences in various practice areas from reputable firms. We have well understanding of nature of businesses and investments. Our services including corporate service, dispute resolution, labor and intellectual property.

Corporate and Commercial

At Avanta & Co, our corporate and commercial practice is inclusive, providing services for both of domestic and international clients, with experienced lawyers who is able to serves full range and varied of corporate and commercial services. Our tasks cover from the initiative point of business as the corporate entities’ formation and establishment, general corporate representation and registration, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate structuring up to the end point of business as dissolution and liquidation of the corporate entities. Our services also include a variety of commercial practice as drafting and reviewing commercial transactions, legal agreements, corporate due diligence and other related matters. We also provide monthly corporate service from our experienced lawyers to ensure that business operator can focus on business development and further investment.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our Litigation & Dispute and Resolution team experienced on providing our clients on varieties of dispute and resolution practices. We provide the proper strategy on the client benefit and the nature of the business to reduce the risk and fine the advantage outcome of the dispute. Avanta & Co Litigation & Dispute Resolution provide wide range of litigation service, including commercial, criminal, Intellectual property, tax, Family litigation and alternative dispute and resolution, for the both domestic and international client.

Labor Law and Practice

We provide labor and employment legal service for the business owner, company and employee. Our team will revise and drafting the employment agreement, work rule and regulations for the business owner and company, including organize the mutual settlement between the employer and employee. We represent business owner, company and employee to resolute the labor dispute from the termination state to the court. We also provide consultation on labor union matter and representing our client to related governing agency.

Intellectual Property

Technology and innovation are essential factors to enhance business operation leading to economic prosperity as well as a large number of creative ideas for goods and services. We are delighted to assist both domestic and international clients with various aspects of Intellectual Property to protect and secure such valuable intangible assets. Avanta & Co is able to serve our clients at the highest professional level such as review, registration, filing, renewal, and monitor of trademarks, copyright materials, patents, and other relevant matters. 


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